google maps or apple maps driving directions

Whether you prefer Google Maps or Apple Maps, Pynit has you covered.

There’s no need to learn an entirely new navigation systemp. If you’ve grown accustomed to Google Maps, choose that as your default navigation system. If Apple Maps is your go-to for driving directions, you have the option to continue using that from inside Pynit. The choice is completely yours!

No more copying and pasting addresses into Google Maps!

You know the drill… Google the restaurant, bank, or store you need to go. Try to find a page listing their locations. Attempt to copy the address and then open your navigation app to paste it into the tiny address field. And the next time you need to go there? Repeat those steps again! Those days are over!

Pynit is a search and free driving directions app all in one!

Pynit_firstpinHarnessing the power of Google, Pynit allows you to search for a specific business, or a general term such as “restaurants near me”, choose the location that’s most convenient for you, and be on your way! It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

  1. Search for where you need to go
  2. Select the location you’d like to travel to
  3. Click “Navigate Pyn”

It’s really that simple! And next time you need to return to that same location, just find its Pyn!

There’s no limit to the types of places you can Pyn!

Type in a specific business name, or use a more general term such as “gas station” to start your search. Pynit can help you find your way! Search for:

Chase Bank
Whole Foods
Chinese Food
Grocery Store

What’s that exclamation point at the top of your restaurant listing in our app?

Learn about Pynit’s exclusive deals to restaurants and many of the places you visit!