driving directions to local restaurants and banks
Most people searching for driving directions tend to turn to Google Maps to locate the same places over and over again… and have to type in the address over and over again. The Pynit app allows you to “pin” the restaurants, businesses, banks, and houses you travel to most, and select them from the app before you hit the road!

Goodbye, Google Maps – Hello, Pynit!

How many times have you used Google to find a restaurant or ATM, then had to manually type the address into Google Maps? How many times have you needed to do that for the exact same location? Pynit takes the frustration out of searching for driving directions by giving you the ability to search for the place you need to go, giving you step by step directions there, either by vehicle or by foot, and allowing you to “save” that location to your account for easy access next time.

Driving Directions are now as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Looking for somewhere to eat?

  1. Type “restaurants near me” into the search
  2. Using the driving directions provided, travel to the restaurant of your choice
  3. “Pyn” the location in our app to save it for next time!

Do you end up Pyning every location you travel to? Not a problem!

With Pynit, you’re not limited by the number of Pyns you save!