unlimited pyns and driving directions

We know what you’re thinking… “This seems too good to be true. Driving directions to my favorite places, exclusive deals when we get there, and the ability to save the location for next time? There has to be a catch… we can only save 5 Pyns, correct?” Wrong!

Unlimited Pyns to all of your favorite places!

Yes, you read that correctly – unlimited Pyns! Can’t remember the name of the restaurant you ate at before your brother’s wedding 2 years ago? If you Pyn’ed it, it’s in there! And because you’re not limited to the number of places you can Pyn, you’re free to save the location of a plethora of establishments:

  • Places to eat in a new town you’re visiting
  • The dry cleaners where you dropped off your suit
  • The location of your bank in the towns you visit the most
  • The car rental place at the airport
  • Your second cousin’s house

We’re not limiting you in any way… so Pyn away!

<h2>Need walking or driving directions while you are traveling? Looking for a local restaurant?</h2>

Not a problem! Pynit works worldwide!