pynit_importantLet’s be honest, the last place you visited isn’t always the place you travel to the most, nor the most important Pyn you’ve saved. But, good news! You can arrange your Pyns the way that YOU see fit, in the order you’d like them displayed.

The perfect driving directions app for frequent travelers!

How many times have you been traveling for work, trying to find a restaurant, your bank, a grocery store, or a gas station in a strange city? Pynit takes all of the frustration out of this process for you, and allows you to keep your Pyns organized for easy access next time you need driving directions to those same locations!

Searching for the places you need to go has never been so easy!

Pynit_pynsUtilizing the user-friendly power of Google, Pynit allows you to search for a specific business, or a general term such as “find a restaurant”, choose the one that you’d like to visit, and be on your way! It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!

  1. Search for the name or category of the business you’re searching for
  2. Select the location you’d like driving directions to
  3. Click “Navigate Pyn”

Once you’re there, save your Pyn in the order you’d like, so your most important Pyns remain on top!